Biggest Mistakes in Divorce Without an Attorney

Biggest Mistakes in Attempting to Complete a Divorce Without an Attorney

I receive calls daily from people who contemplate or have attempted a divorce without an attorney.  This is a big mistake.  The cost of an attorney to complete a divorce can be as low as 1,000 dollars.  For your 1,000.00 dollars you are getting a lot of service.

  1. Filing all of your documents correctly.
  2. Someone is scheduling all your court dates for you.
  3. Someone is making sure all your documents and follow-up is done correctly.
  4. You can call someone to answer your questions and address problems.

Small mistakes can cost thousands of dollars.  Some mistakes cannot be fixed.  One paragraph is a judgment related to tax filings can cost up to 30,000 dollars.  Calling our office for information is FREE.

If you are facing a divorce, We would be more than happy to discuss it with you at no cost or obligation.  Please call.

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