A divorce doesn’t always end with the entry of a judgment.  At that point you are divorced, but still have obligations stated in the judgment going forward.  There are property and debt enforcement issues and child related issues.

The final judgment allocates property and debts.  Unfortunately, sometimes the judgment needs to be enforced because one party is not complying with the terms of the judgment.  A post judgment enforcement motion needs to be filed to ask the court to enforce it orders and make the other party comply.  We basically request that the court have the party hold them in contempt for not following the judgment.

Second, your final judgment will state child custody, parenting time, and child support.  All terms related to the minor child are modifiable until the child is 18 or graduate from high school.    It is typical to have post judgment motions modifying the terms of the judgment.

Third, there are “change in domicile” motions to allow the custodial parent to move more than 100 miles.

There are a number of post judgment motions that can be filed to compete a divorce or child custody matter.

If you are facing a post judgment divorce matter, a good attorney is not optional.  Our divorce attorneys can answer your questions.  Having the right attorney on your side can relieve your stress during this difficult situation.  Our attorneys have over 95 years of divorce and post judgment experience.  Typical fees to retain attorney for a post judgment matter can range and from 500 dollars to as high as 5,000 dollars.  Considering the seriousness of this life changing event, it is extremely important to retain the services of an experienced attorney in the area of post judgment motions.

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