Fault Divorce Compared to No Fault Divorce

Prior to 1972, Michigan has “fault divorce”.  What this means is that you would have to prove “fault” to get a divorce.  Fault included affairs, physical abuse, fraud, and duress.  In 1972, Michigan started “no fault divorce”.  Now, you do not have to prove “fault” to get a divorce.  One of the parties has to state that “there has been a breakdown in my marriage relationship to the extent the object of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood the marriage can be preserved”.

Fault can still have an impact on property settlement, spousal support, and child custody.  In Michigan, the court can consider fault in the breakdown of the marriage in dividing property.  Rather than a 50-50 split of assets and debts, the court can split property 40-60.  One of the factors to consider for spousal support is “fault”.  Also, the child custody act provides that the court can consider “morality” as one of the factors.  As such, fault is still an important issue in divorce, but it will nto prevent someone from getting a divorce.

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