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Grand Rapids Michigan Divorce Attorney Fees


Attorney fees in Grand Rapids Michigan can very based on the experience of the attorney and the difficulty of the case.  The initial retainer fee is the amount the attorney requires up front to work on your case.  It is typically billed against the amount on an hourly basis.  For example 300.00 dollars per hour.  You should ask if the attorney provides a written fee agreement.  Most attorneys do.  I strongly suggest that you have a written agreement with your attorney so that you know how you are being billed.

Additionally you should ask about filing fees and other costs.  Some people do not understand that there are other costs in a divorce.  A list of common costs are as follows:

Filing Fee for Circuit Court 150.00 dollars

Friend of the Court Custody Investigation fee 300.00 dollars

Friend of the Court fee of you have children 100.00 dollars

Service Fee to serve the documents 30 to 100.00 dollars

Quit Claim Deed transferring property 150.00 dollars

QDRO (Order transferring retirement accounts) 400.00 dollars

Real Estate Appraisal  300.00 dollars

Business Appraisal  2000.00 to 10000.00 dollars

Not all of the costs listed are required in every case.  Do not be shy about fees and costs and understanding how much money you are spending.  Make sure to ask about the costs as your case proceeds so that you understand the cost relating to your divorce.

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