Do you need a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney? If you find yourself saying yes to this, you need the professional services of Krupp Law Offices PC. Divorce Cases can be difficult to maneuver by yourself, we help you by guiding you and giving you attention you need. You need the tough, caring professionals at Krupp Law Offices PC.

At Krupp Law Offices PC, we dedicate ourselves to finding the right solution to your divorce issue. With 85 years experience, our attorneys are prepared to advise you on divorce, custody, support, modifications, Family violence, paternity and all aspects of Family law. At Krupp Law Offices PC we know you need a legal team that can pay attention to the details. Trust us with your Divorce Cases in Grand Rapids.

When casting a meeting with any Divorce attorney, it helps to be prepared. Ideally you should record all the questions and concerns you would like to discuss.  Bring this list to the appointment to insure that you cover all aspects of the Case, in turn Krupp Law Offices PC will craft a powerful Case strategy. Collaborative divorce strikes at the heart of a problem we have seen over our 85 years history. Clients often have emotional expectations for the Marriage process. Alimony and spousal support is another area of Michigan Divorce law where clients tend to get emotional. At Krupp Law Offices PC we will counsel you on your rights to alimony and riot for your behalf.

One of the major things that’s made Krupp Law Offices PC successful is our ability to handle complex divorce litigation questions.  In terms of procedure and substance, our Divorce attorneys can forcefully assert your rights even when the issues become difficult to understand.  The way that Krupp Law Offices PC is able to do this is by being up to date on the laws affecting Grand Rapids and the state.  Over 85 years of experience, there’s been many changes, but our Divorce attorneys have adapted to change. Contact Krupp Law Offices PC using the information below to schedule a free consultation:

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